Is this book licensed by LucasFilm/Disney?

Nope, just a fan project. But it’s designed to fit into the canon, if you want it to.

Do you write other stuff?

Yep! I have a Master’s degree in fiction writing, and a bunch of publications (mostly weird, LGBTQ-themed short stories).

Why would you write an entire Star Wars book if you weren’t being paid to?

I’m a lifelong Star Wars fan, and always wanted to try my hand at telling a story within the SW galaxy. Now seemed like a great time: I was immersed in the novels/comics/sequel series, feeling inspired, and noticed some significant gaps in representation.

When does the story take place in the Star Wars timeline?

About ten years before The Force Awakens.

Does the story feature characters from the movies?

Nope; these characters are all my creations, minus one tiny cameo. No legacy characters appear.

Is this about Jedi?

Nope; I think there are enough Jedi stories. I’m more interested in exploring what the “regular” people of the galaxy are up to.

Do I have to pay to read the ending or something?

Nope, it’s all free. If you feel compelled to donate a credit or two, you can do so here.

*Have another question? Feel free to ask below.

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